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Kindly give with any of the following Methods:

Via KingsPay
  1. Launch your KingsChat app
  2. Locate and click on ‘KingsPay’, under the Settings tab
  3. Type the amount you want to give
  4. Choose your currency - ‘NGN’ for Naira payment OR ‘USD’ for Dollar payment
  5. Type your recipient code - ‘CELVZ’ for Naira payment OR ‘OFFRG’ for Dollar payment
  6. Type a Description for your payment – e.g. offering, tithe, first-fruit etc.
  7. Add your Credit/Debit card details or Select your card (Master/Visa/Discover etc.)
  8. Confirm the payment and click on PAY
By Direct Debit
For Direct Debit instruction kindly use the details below:
Bank Name:Parallex
Account Number: 2030058242

Service is presently available only to GTBank, FCMB and Standard Chartered Customers.
Via EasyGiv/SMS Code
You can give offering from your mobile phone by simply dialing the EasyGiv Code *322*7865*Amount# and follow the prompt.

To activate your card for EasyGiv, simply follow the simple steps below;

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Login if you already have an account with Quickteller or create an account.
  3. To create an account: Click on the Register.
  4. Fill in your Personal Details and take note of your password.
  5. Activate with the code received on your phone.
  6. Now Login with your email and password.
  7. Click on the Get ecash.
  8. Enter your mobile number for verification.
  9. Click on the "Add New Card" Tab.
  10. Enter your Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV, accept the terms and condition.
  11. Click on the "Add Card".
  12. A debit is made on your account and an immediate prompt pops up for you to verify the value.
  13. After Verification, Dial the EasyGiv code on your phone and follow the prompt. Your bank card is automatically listed on the payment method page.
NOTE: The value debited is for verification purposes, you are immediately credited back the value to your eCash. (NO CHARGE is made for registering)
Good Morning Esteemed Member, We welcome specially for another glorious time in the presence of God. Thank you for joining us this morning. We are looking forward for your testimony. God bless you.
Thank you Esteemed Admin
Jugabi libanus
You welcome
Alexander Alexander ayodeji
thanks a lot Good morning
Indeed He is God all by Himself; and as He is, so are we, in this world. Thanks a million my dear Man of God Pastor Chris and highly esteemed Director, Pastor Yemisi. We are tremendously blessed by you Pastor Ma.
Please pastor's sound is low
Olise Anwadike
Good morning. Where I'd the streaming go now..
Tebelo Kenalemang
Esteemed Kindly refreshed your browser transmission is Perfect now Thanks
Thank you
John Amos afolabi
@Olise anwadike kindly check your volume section as you refresh your browser thanks
Dear Admin - is it possible to get a replay of PYK's message - this series she has been teaching - since the month of may -- is there somewhere I can listen to them again . Pls help
opuruiche emmanuel
Audio pls
Oghiakhe rose
Good Morning
Audio is gone
Grace Akpeji
Thank you pastor Ma . Glory
@opuruiche emmanuel we would revert and get back to you thanks.
The network
Chinedu Jesse Onuoha
Good morning Admin, thank for a job well done. Please, the audio is off ogain
Joseph Bassey
Joseph Bassey
Video & audio is gone
Wisdom Ike Chris
I'm not receiving the livestream again.....please what is happening....Admin?!!!! I have refreahed several times and yet nothing!!!!!
Please admin please kindly check your network is fluctuating thanks
I have been experiencing constant glitch in network today. It's now always like this. What happened?
Same as above please. Can't view service. Refreshed severally too
Hello! the livestream has gone off. Please do something
No signal cant connect again
Chinedu Jesse Onuoha
Dear admin good morning. The audio and video have all gone off. Refreshed severely to no avail.
Dorothy Sue
Been loosing connection repeatedly
Pastor Courage Bekenawei
Goodmorning Admin, please audio and video went mute, is it local fault or from your end?
No video and sound... I tried to connect to audio only but it kept loading
Benwari Joseph
We are back.. thanks
Benwari Joseph
Thank you Admin and team.
Dorothy Sue
Good to be back again. Thank you Admin.
we apologize for the break in transmission. we are live in service now.
Thank You Highly Esteemed Brethren
Are we able to get todays message replayed. There has been so many glitches it is challenging to follow
Thank you
Please can the message of today be replyed?? it was not easy to follow today because of the diffrent network problems. thank you
Thank you pastor ma, for today's word, its really amazing ma
Great numbers of your local pastor are equally having challenges. Take care of those at home before going abroad.
God bless you - Admin _ I am highly expectant -
Great music
Thank you pastor ma
Gud Morning Ma My Esteem ZD, THXQ MA 4 D MSG GOD BLESS U CELVZ !!!!!!!
OGUNDIPE Oluwashegun
Kesiena Magbegor
I Good morning pastor ma, thank you for the message of today, it really bless me and my friend.Thanks for the idea of the audio too,in case of no much data we can still listen to our Sunday service. God bless you ma and all the partners in Jesus name amen.
Happiness udotim
Kindly watch the rebroadcast of today's service at It will be up from 2pm
Dear admin, the replay ongoing via this link is that of the previous sunday.Thanks and Regards Dorothy Sue
Dorothy Sue

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